Pastor Jackson is the Pastor and founder of True Word Church and True Word Church Ministries located in Columbia, South Carolina. 
Pastor Jackson’s vision is to take the gospel to the world one step at a time. Pastor realizes people are not attending church as they should, therefore he labors to take the gospel to them and following in his Lord and Savior’s footsteps “I must go through Samaria”. Pastor Jackson is a very practical teacher and preacher that brings clear meaning to the Word of God, and how we are to apply it to our everyday lives. His unique style of speaking coupled with humor helps usher in the Spirit of God that satisfies your thirst for more of God.
Pastor Jackson connects the old with the new that allows you to understand the complex yet simple principals of God’s word. He challenges you to grow and be renewed in your most inner man. You are sure to enjoy your time spent with Pastor Jackson. 
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