Where Can I Serve?

Jesus Christ said “if any man desire to be first, the same shall be last, and servant of all”. We here at True Word Church believe that every member is called to the body for a work, we offer a variety of ministries from things as simple as church maintenance, to assisting leadership with daily operations within the church. Your gift is wanted and needed in order that others may be blessed and God glorified. 

Mission Outreach
The Bible calls us a community of believers and that we are to have all things common. It is our goal to labor within and around the community in which God has placed us. We are committed to encourage all to respond to Gods call for repentance as well as his gift of abundant life


The Music Ministry of True Word Church is committed to a standard of excellence in music and worship unto our Lord. God-honoring worship is something we strive for. Our music ministry helps to provide the atmosphere of praise and worship which is conducive to preparing the hearts of the people to receive a powerful Word from God. If you possess the ability to play an instrument and/or enjoy singing and would like to give your talents and gifts to the Lord, come and be a part of the TWC Music Ministry.


The usher team at True Word Church fills an important role. They are involved in directing attendees to their seats, ensuring the safety of the building during services, guiding traffic, helping visitors, answering questions, providing direction, unlocking doors, locking doors, and generally ensuring that the service can proceed problem-free. The usher team is a servant-hearted group of men and women whose ministry is integral to church life.

Media & Technology

Using media to spread the gospel is a privilege of True Word Church. In an age of widespread technology, we have a stewardship to use these tools as best as possible for kingdom purposes. All of our weekly sermons are recorded and made available for a small donation. Look for True Word Live Streaming in the near future.


Prayer allows us to communicate with our Heavenly Father and him with us. Jesus said my house say be called a house of prayer. It is essential for all believers to possess a strong prayer life it cannot be overestimated. We host noon day prayer on Wednesdays at 12:00pm as well at 6:30pm. We seek to pray without ceasing.

Children’s Church

In order to give our children the best Bible teaching possible, True Word Church holds a children’s church service in conjunction with the main service. Our friendly children’s church volunteers have an endless stream of creativity–ranging from shows, games, and object lessons. This service is provided to the age group of 5 years old to 12 years old.